frequently asked questions

The only software you need is Lightroom CC. It's important that it be kept up to date.  
We'll use my WeTransfer account to exchange files. You don't need an account to access this! You'll be given a link in the client portal in upload your LR catalog and a link will be emailed to you when it's time to download your edited catalog.

 All invoices can be paid with a credit card via Stripe. 
You will always receive an invoice with details of services rendered. Payments are due upon receipt.

No! My goal as an editor is to edit just the way you would. I gravitate towards light and airy because that's my personal style. But if you want your images more dark and moody, then that's what I'll do. I'm an extension of you! I learn your style and that is what is applied to your images. 

I can do head swaps and retouching in Photoshop, but your overall edits will only be done in Lightroom.
The system set in place to exchange files and edit only using smart previews allows for a smooth, easy editing experience.

These are the images that you'll edit before sending me your catalog. These help me see your vision for that section of the edits. This way, I am able to reflect your own style and ensure that you and your client will be happy with the edits I do.

Nope. You'll send me any presets or profiles that you use. I have presets that I've purchased over the years and I'm more than happy to help you develop your editing style if you need that help.

If there are presets that you'd like to try that you don't own, you'll need to purchase them and send to me to use on your edits.