Freelensing Flowers


One of the things that I love the most about photography is that you’ll never be done learning. There will always be something that you can improve on or a technique that you can learn. I’ve seen freelensing photos before but never really understood how to do it, but I picked up my camera and 50mm 1.4 lens this spring and fell in love.

Don’t know what freelensing is? While holding your camera body, you detach the lens (I’ve read in numerous places that a 50mm works great for this) and hold it close to the mount. By turning the lens in different directions, you can achieve some truly unique images. What I love about this is that no image turns out the same as the next. So now I find myself stopping by Trader Joes’ for flowers, or picking up a fresh bouquet at Costco, just so I can take pictures of them!

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