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Mini Sessions

I live near Folsom Lake and was so excited to be able to do a session during the “Super Bloom” that happened this year with the lupines. What’s a super bloom? They happen about every 7-8 years during the spring and last for about 3-4 weeks. Lupines grow like crazy around certain aread of Folsom Lake and it’s really an amazing sight. They are more lush than they are in other years and cover more ground.

The Bailey family was the perfect family to photograph here. They were so laid back and easy to be with. It was the first time we met and that always makes me nervous. I tend to be a talker and when I’m nervous, I talk even more. And usually say weird things. I don’t know, it’s who I am, and clients tend to come back after the first time, so it must not bug them! They were styled perfectly, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing some pictures of them in my new style guide for clients!

One thing you’ll notice in almost every family session that I do is how close everyone is. Why do I have you get so close? Because I want you to love on each other and have that documented. Whether you want your photos to be more posed or have a free flowing approach where I capture candid moments, I want you to be connected. And the best way to do that is to have you sitting close to each other and connecting your hands and arms together. What is it our mothers always told us growing up when we were with her and she wanted to keep us safe? “Hold my hand”. That one simple gesture shows love and safe keeping.

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