Full Session vs. Mini Session + 2021 Mini Session Dates


Every summer, right at this time, I work hard on dates, locations, and pricing for my fall family mini sessions. With so many clients that come to me year after year, I know they’ll be looking for new locations. If I want them to continue coming to me, I can’t have their portraits looking the same as they did 3 years ago!

So this year, I did some polls on my Facebook fan page, in my VIP FB group, and on my Instagram stories. One thing that seemed to be true in all of the polls was that you want locations vs. themes. So I set out to plan mini sessions this year with some of my favorite locations and one styled fall session, rather than a holiday theme. But even after all of the planning, there’s one question that I still get every year. Should I book a full session or a mini session?

The answer to that depends on your needs.

What are full sessions?

Let’s talk about full sessions. Full sessions are longer, they can be taken at a location that we choose together, can happen on a date that works for your schedule, and can be completely tailored to your family. More edits are provided because we spend more time together. Full sessions do cost more. But that’s because we spent a lot more time together and you received one on one attention from me while planning your session.

There aren’t 4 other families in line to take pictures at the exact same spot that you just did your session. Digital files are more because again, there are more of them, so more time was spent on choosing the best of the best to edit and then hand editing each one. Full sessions are perfect if you want to have complete control over your session.

What are mini sessions?

Family mini sessions are great for so many reasons. Mini sessions are designed to be short and sweet. I choose the date, the location, and the pricing is already set. You can still purchase prints and other products from a mini session as well! This is the only way that I guarantee the quality of these items and I have many clients that do this.

These family mini sessions are the only time that I include digital files as part of the price. Does this mean that the quality is less than a full family session? Absolutely not! I know that these sessions are used to send out holiday cards and to give prints as gifts during the holidays. I also know that not everyone can afford a full session. You can choose to do your session with just the children, but I always encourage you to have at least a few photos of your entire family!

When I started my business, I wanted to have my business set up so that anyone could afford me. A family mini session allows you to do that. I’ve chosen some of my favorite locations this year and I’m doing pricing a little differently. I’m offering 3 collections. Even my top collection, at $325 for all of the digital files, is affordable for everyone. If you want that collection and you’re looking at your budget, set aside money each month so you have the balance to pay when your session arrives. I promise that you’ll want all of your files.

Now that my family mini sessions have been set for this fall, I hope you’ll select a date and get signed up! Don’t wait until it’s actually fall to sign up. If you want the location of your choice, you need to sign up early this year! And you can sign up for full sessions as well!! I have limited dates for full sessions due to family mini sessions being set and other sessions already on my calendar, so if that’s something you want to do, do it now!! Oh, and the images in this post are all from locations being used this fall’s family mini sessions!

Here’s a list of this year’s mini session dates and locations:

See you this fall!!!

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